How to do an ICO - A step to step guide to AWESOMENESSSSS! #BLOCKCON


Oct 13, 2018 – 9:15 AM

2424 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405 Map

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OBJECTIVE Understand the steps, stakeholders, costs involved and basically understand how the omelette is made while having fun! AGENDA ::MORNING:: Current industry costs by stakeholder  Best practices & stakeholders Pitfalls & mistakes Walkthrough compressed timeline of an ICO and (try to) experience the nuances involved Sales platform, KYC & email templates ::LUNCH:: + Live Practice: Write a whitepaper + Live Practice: Announcement Site + Live Practice: Token Allocations & Reserves + Live Practice: How to bloody do growth hacking, social, bounty and referral programs Pre-Requisites Have a good nights sleep Have an idea  If your idea has already been ICO'd by another company in any remote flavor, then please write down 10 points why they suck Now write 10 bullet points on why "your idea" does not suck and is the shit we all have been waiting for Write down names/titles of team members (hypothetical is OK) Write down names of advisors and why they are best suited for your idea/project (students who pick Vitalik as an advisor get extra points) Write 2-pages of what your Blockchain based company will do once you get the funds to build all features and go-live. Then please change the future tense of your poetry to present tense as if its already built and live for users Write down 10-folks who will be investing in your pre-sale Get an domain/account on a landing page site like launchrocket or Godaddy or some platform where you can quickly create a landing page Create a google excel sheet and write down #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, and #10 from above in seperate tabs. This is not a legal or regulatory advice class.  INSTRUCTOR Kurt Kumar: OTHER WORKSHOPS OCT 03 - Invest like a PRO - How to spot Diamonds vs Scams! (Kyle Rea)OCT 05 - Press Releases, Articles & Growth (Gary Bird)OCT 06 - Tried & Tested Tactics/Strategies for raising $$$ in Bear Market (Apu Nahasapeemapetilon)OCT 06 - Coding for kids by a Kid (Korbin Deary)OCT 07 - Hands-On Hyperledger Workshop - Deep Dive / Laptops required (Gregory Skerry)OCT 08 - RSK SmartContract Development Class - Deep Dive (Martin Coll)OCT 09 - SEC COMPLIANCE - Securities vs Utilities by Ex SEC Attorney (Zach Fallon)OCT 10 - BLOCKCON2018: Premier blockchain conferenceOCT 13 - How to do an ICO - A step to step guide to AWESOMENESSSSS! (Kurt Kumar)

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