Atmosphere with Musab & Ink Well (MInk)


Aug 19, 2017 – 8:00 PM

301 South Garey Avenue
Pomona, CA 91766 Map

  • Atmosphere
  • Musab

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Atmosphere: Imagine how many cigarettes, beers, tour dates, international flights, all-night drives, backstage shenanigans, countless hours in a van, low-budget hotel rooms, notebooks filled with lyrics and endless hours of recording sessions have been consumed, experienced and sustained by Atmosphere over the course eight years?

Let’s count to eight.

Remember 1997, the year beginning the next phase of independent rap artists and a new era of imprint-based record labels with the major label exploitation; the dividing period of: Mos Def, Jay Z, Company Flow and 2 Pac. Our story begins at this time in Minneapolis, MN. Eight years ago, when Atmosphere released their debut album Overcast!, on the artist’s collectively owned Rhymesayers label. Slug, Ant, with then member Spawn, delivered the premier staple album defining Minnesota Hip Hop. It would introduce a small audience to Midwest rap, not music from New York or California, but Minneapolis, MN. Atmosphere, a group built on Hip Hop principles influenced from the pioneering years of rap music, but with their own personal, honest and original mid-western contribution.

A year had passed and Atmosphere’s song, Scapegoat, received national play on college radio and mix tape support in: Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. Atmosphere was becoming discovered outside of the Twin Cities; the secret was out. During this time, both Slug and Ant were also involved in one of independent rap’s first underground super groups, The Dynospectrum (Slug, I Self Devine, Ant, Musab, Gene Poole), and had featured tracks on Industrial Warfare (volume six of the legendary Headshots four-track cassette series). For Atmosphere, 1998 was a year of collaborations (including recording Deep Puddle Dynamics) and a year well spent crafting their live performance at venues like First Avenue’s 7th Street Entry.

Musab: Musab has a way of telling tragedy without bloodshed. He doesn’t rap about guns or drugs, but his lyrics somehow are more thrilling and dramatic than these typical gangster rap subjects. His songs tell another side to the American ghetto. They expose the lifestyle, struggle and views of the black American pimp. A modern day, real life pimp, he puts his own twist on the pimp game and translates it over to the rap game. Known on the streets as Sab, aka Minnesota Slicks, his hard grind and sharp decision-making earned him respect amongst his peers in the game. The pimp culture is glamorized in pop culture and rap music videos as a plush lifestyle but Sab will be the first to say that that’s a big misconception. “On the other side of the flash and front, it’s a very dirty game and strenuous lifestyle that one must have grit and stomach to endure,” He says. Sab is a, “pimp by blood,” as they say. He was born to a fifteen-year-old mother during the seventies, “Superfly Era,” in Minneapolis, MN. Growing up fatherless and being raised alone by a teen mother he saw and experienced many things most children don’t. In turn, he became street crafty at a young age and was introduced to, “the oldest profession,” by family and friends living the lifestyle.

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