ASVAB Boot Camp (3-Part Series)


Aug 14, 2018 – 7:00 AM

(on various days)

13650 Mindanao Way
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We proudly presents: ASVAB BOOT CAMP: A Three-Day Intense Accelerated Program coupled with a Effective Speed Reading & Reading Comprehension Program) You will: A. Discuss and identify Your Ideal Military Career 1. Learn how to test is used for recruitment and placement 2. Create a Personalized Study Plan 3. Key Test-Tasking Strategies B. Master 9 Subtests including: 1. ASVAB Diagnostic Test 2. General Science 3. Mathematics 4. Word Knowledge 5. Paragraph Comprehension 6. Author and Shop Information 7. Mechanical Comprehension 8. Electronics Information 9. Assembling Objects C. Practice Makes Perfect 1. Practice 8 different ASVAB Tests 2. Visualize scoring your ideal score to match your tmilitary career 3. Schedule Your Test Date coupled with Action Plan BIO: MATHEMATICIAN JOSE ANGEL MANAIZA, JR. Also known as “The Tutor for The Stars” from Malibu to Beverly Hills. He leads Malibu A Plus Tutor, LLC., dedicated to helping students achieve straight As and working professionals succeed at work. In 2012, Mr. Manaiza won The Third Annual Bruin Contest at UCLA with his compelling speech entitled “The New Future Of The United States Of America.” In 2014, he ranked # 1 in earning the most education awards in Toastmasters International. Mathematician Jose Angel Manaiza Jr., provides the children of Hollywood celebrities and LA's most influential families from Malibu to Beverly Hills with academic help. Mr. Manaiza has helped over 8,800 students, including NCAA student-athletes from schools such as UCLA, to excel intellectually through teaching a speed-reading system also endorsed by three American presidents. He has been honored in The White House and recipient of The Best of Los Angeles Award as THE BEST SPEED READING TUTOR. For more info, visit: Thrive Global:"Reading as a means to acquire new knowledge is one of my deepest passions, it led to my success as a UCLA undergraduate and full-time research assistant at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. However, I was concerned about my ability to tackle excessive amounts of reading as an Economics PhD student at UC Berkeley. I am grateful for the opportunity to have trained with MALIBU A PLUS TUTOR, LLC. -- based in Malibu --, which provided me with the means and skills to read efficiently and effectively (with full comprehension) at an outstanding reading rate. My reading rate was 220 words per minute, however after concluding 3 hours of one-on-one private lessons directly from José Ángel Manaiza, Jr., my average reading rate increased to 640 words per minute! I am now confident that I am fully prepared to go through all my required textbooks and reading assignments with full comprehension in a timely manner. I am confident I will excel in my all my coursework and earn top grades. Most importantly, I am looking forward to unwavering success in every step of my academic journey. I highly recommend that anyone take either 1-hour free seminar offered at Los Angeles Public Libraries or the private group course at the Malibu Golf Club, or the one-on-one private sessions in the comfort of their own home. MALIBU A PLUS TUTOR, LLC. will help you achieve your academic and professional goals in becoming an effective reader."-Chris Jauregui, PhD Candidate at UC Berkeley"As an advanced speed reader, I felt I wasn't going to reach my lofty goal of one book per day rather than one book per week. Although I was confident in my ability to read at a fast pace, I was uncertain if reading faster was going to limit what I was able to fully retain or comprehend. Then I enrolled in "The Effective Reading Seminar" facilitated by José Ángel Manaiza, Jr., Founder of MALIBU A PLUS TUTOR, LLC. in Malibu. It changed my whole perspective on speed reading; This seminar re-opened my love of reading. The teachings of this course, based on the same principles used by President John F. Kennedy, include valuable lessons such as "The 90 Degree Sitting Position" and how to calculate my reading rate applying "The Evelyn Wood Speed Reading System". Within the course of the seminar my reading and comprehension rates skyrocketed from 475 words per minute to 1000 words per minute! What I found to be most rewarding is my transition from being an advanced speed reader to becoming an effective speed reader. Jose's teachings are proven methods that when used wisely, are guaranteed to produce positive results in one's reading and comprehension capabilities. To date, I am pleased with my new ability to READ and COMPREHEND 100% and have reached my lofty goal of being able to read a book per day. Thank you Jose'." -Frank Rivas, Community Leader "I have been working in Malibu for more than 25 years after my military service with U.S. Air Force. My work involves reading in one-way or the other. I love reading, but lately I was putting off my personal reading due to my limited schedule; when I would get home I’d be too tired and didn’t have any motivation to read at all. Until, I scheduled a private session with Mr. Manaiza, a leading reading specialist of MALIBU A PLUS TUTOR, LLC. based in Malibu. He taught me his proven reading system, the same system that has been previously taught to the White House Staff! Mr. Manaiza has simplified the lifestyles of many executives with this proven reading system. In my private sessions with Mr. Manaiza, I learned how to compute my reading rate, how to increase it, and how to maintain this winning habit of reading every day -- even if it’s only 8 minutes a day. My reading rate went from 152 wpm to 370 wpm! The average adult reads at a rate of less than 250 wpm, but with these proven techniques I’m now above the average reading rate. I learned from Mr. Manaiza that I could read a book effectively using a simple “5-Step Multiple Reading Process”: 1.) Overview, 2.) Preview, 3.) Reading, 4.) Postscript, 5.) Review. Now I am reading books from my personal library again, and I see what a great value this skill provides me at work. Research shows that most people in clerical and executive positions spend at least 1/3 of their day reading (2.6 hours). MALIBU A PLUS TUTOR, LLC. has empowered me, not to just add this new skill to my professional resume, but also to have greater income potential by getting more things done at work in a timely manner. I am so excited that I recommend everyone I know in Malibu to attend the 1-Hour Effective Reading Seminars at their local libraries, or a course with Mr. Manaiza at the Malibu Golf Club -- or even better, book your own private one-on-one personalized session with the nation's leading expert. MALIBU A PLUS TUTOR, LLC. is representing Malibu at its best" -- Anthony Grady, Postman in Malibu "8 months ago, I was struggling with the Reading Comprehension portion of the LSAT. I had been aspiring to go to law school for some time and I was considering hiring a tutor. I attended a speaker event in Marina Del Rey and it must have been fate, because Mr. Jose Manaiza was packing up his stuff to head out and the speaker (a mutual friend) introduced the two of us and a few weeks later I was sitting down for my first lesson with Malibu A Plus Tutor Effective Reading Program. I decided to do the whole training and I am more than satisfied with the lessons by Mr. Jose Angel Manaiza, Jr. Mr. Manaiza was much more than a reading tutor, he was a continuing source of inspiration to me as well as a great friend. The tutoring went well beyond reading comprehension into managing my daily life and habits. I am now ready to take on my law school applications and I am glad that Mr. Manaiza connected me with Mr. Leigh Steinberg "The Real Jerry Maguire" since my goal is to be a sports agent. Mr. Manaiza was always a constant reminder that if I just apply myself, set goals, and trust the process, anything is possible (just look what this man has been able to accomplish). With this system taught in The White House, I read all Steinberg books and articles and now I am ready to pave my own path and become the next super agent. "-Max Lyons, LMU Class of 2017 “This system works for everyone at all times. You’ll enjoy dramatic benefits whether you’re a White House staffer, a student in Malibu, or a business professional. In less than 30 minutes, I personally went from 312 words per minute to 728 words per minute with a 100% reading comprehension rate. Malibu A Plus Tuto, LLC. is a proud member of the Malibu Chamber of Commerce. We at the Malibu Chamber of Commerce are glad that Mr. Jose Angel Manaiza Jr. is offering his 1 hour effective reading seminar & private group course. We’re glad the courses are available on a regular basis for our members, chamber, and Malibu as a whole. His course enhances high-academic performance for students in local Malibu schools and Pepperdine University. The working professionals he taught experience better work productivity and business growth.” -Mark Persson, 2013-2016 Executive Director Of The Malibu Chamber Of Commerce.

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