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Nov 3, 2018 – All Day

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  • Los Angeles Azules
  • Natalia Lafourcade
  • Kali Uchis
  • Toro Y Moi
  • Devendra Banhart
  • Leo Dan
  • Albert Hammond Jr.
  • Messer Chups
  • Morrissey
  • Mazzy Star

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Toro Y Moi: While initially helmed a prominent chillwave artist, Toro y Moi is branching out from the generic label to play the music that speaks to him, regardless of classification. However, is talent in the medium of electronic music is glaringly apparent, as his tour dates and debut album brought in praise from electronic newcomers to veteran critics. Toro y Moi's latest album, Underneath the Pine, features a more instrumental sound that is set to take the burgeoning artist to the top on his own terms. This fresh, new sound and expanded setup can be heard on Toro y Moi's 2011 tour dates around North and South America.

While Chazwick Bundick is known best for his electronic music, he played in a couple of indie rock bands throughout high school. He became interested in electronic music during college after meeting Ernest Greene, better known by his stage name, Washed Out. Toro y Moi's debut album, Causers of This, featured a chillwave sound with a hip hop style that was heralded by critics. The albums' popularity brought Toro y Moi his first tour dates, but he soon found the songs hard to perform live. This is part of the reason for the change in sound on his latest album, Underneath the Pine, which features more of a progressive rock sound.

Fans can hear Toro y Moi's brand new sound on his many tour dates in 2011. After playing some of the summer's final music festival, the artist will head out on a US tour featuring support from Unknown Mortal Orchestra beginning on September 9. That tour ends on October 15, after which Toro y Moi will perform a brief tour of South America in the beginning of November. Toro y Moi's 2011 tour dates end on December 9, leaving fans plenty of time to buy tickets for this highly anticipated tour.

Devendra Banhart: DEVENDRA BANHART BIO INFO (using excerpts from SF Weekly lead ARTS article)

Man of La Mantra /The psychedelic folk of wandering minstrel Devendra Banhart /By Garrett Kamps/SF WEEKLY/Jan 08.2003

“…Banhart was born in Texas in 1981, and named by an Indian mystic whom his parents followed. When his folks divorced two years later, he moved with his mom to Caracas , Venezuela , where he was raised amidst the shanties and sweatshops. Though his family had enough money to stay above the poverty line, life wasn't easy.

" Venezuela was insane," says Banhart. "You don't go out after 8 because it's too dangerous. You don't wear nice sneakers because, while here you may get assaulted, there you just get killed."

When Banhart's mother remarried, his stepfather moved the family to Los Angeles . In the fall of 1998, having written songs since he was 12, Banhart left home to begin school at the San Francisco Art Institute, with a hefty scholarship. Though he was instantly disillusioned with the constraints of academic art, his environs took him in more productive directions.

Living in the lower Castro, he was tapped by his roommates -- a gay couple whom Banhart refers to as "Bob the Crippled Comic and Jerry Elvis" -- to play two classic songs at their wedding: the gospel hymn "How Great Thou Art" and Elvis Presley's "Love Me Tender." Touched by the request, Banhart found himself newly inspired.

Shortly thereafter, he had a second epiphany. While vacationing in Bish Bash Falls , a state park in Massachusetts , Banhart and his girlfriend were quarreling about the Rolling Stones.

"The argument was about [the song] 'Street Fighting Man,'" he says. "And I'm like, 'That's bullshit. Mick Jagger wasn't fighting nobody.' And she was like, 'Well, how do you know? Maybe they just made it up.' And I was like, 'Well, I can make up a song about something!' And it turned out to be this little song ..."

Banhart proceeds to sing, limerick-style: "There once was a man who really loved salt/ So he tied his nose to the sea/ And then God came down from his silver throne/ And said, 'Honey, that water ain't free.'"

"That's when I realized I could write about anything I wanted," he adds casually. "It was like being constipated and then taking a suppository."

Thus began Banhart's days as a wandering minstrel. When he returned to San Francisco , he began playing anywhere that would have him, be it an Ethiopian restaurant, an Irish pub, or Du Nord's weekly "Monday Night Hoot."

"We had to pretend like he was just helping us with equipment and then sneak him in," says Eric Shea, host of the "Hoot." "He was too young to get into the club."

In the summer of 2000, Banhart dropped out of art school and moved to Paris . There, he was discovered by the owner of a small club, who chose him to open shows for indie rock bands. All the while he was recording songs, both on a borrowed four-track and on a friend's answering machine.

Moving back to the United States in the fall, Banhart bounced between San Francisco and Los Angeles . At a gig at the Fold in L.A. , Banhart was doing a sound check when Siobhan Duffy overheard his set. A lover of old bluegrass and folk music, Duffy is also a close personal friend of Michael Gira, the one-time frontman for New York gloom-rock legends Swans and current owner of Young God Records.

"She couldn't believe it," says Gira of Duffy's reaction. "So [Banhart] gave her a CD-R, and I listened to it and had the same response. His voice is so unique, his songwriting is just amazing…"

Leo Dan: Conozcan a mi Hijo!... NIkolas (

...................... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ......

Leo Dan es considerado uno de los cantautores más importantes de Latino América. Su música ha conquistado el corazón de todos los países de habla hispana. Leopoldo Dante Tevez, mejor conocido como Leo Dan, nació un 22 de Marzo en Atamisqui, un pueblito en la provincia de Santiago del Estero, Argentina. Hijo de una familia humilde, Leo se vincula con la música por iniciativa propia. A los 4 años de edad aprende a tocar la armónica y la flauta, sus primeros instrumentos. A los 11 años aprende guitarra, y comienza a componer sus primeras canciones. A los 18 años forma un grupo de rock "Los demonios del ritmo" junto con amigos de su edad. A los 20 años Leo Dan viaja a Buenos Aires con el deseo de triunfar y se presenta en CBS (Sony discos en la actualidad), donde inmediatamente firma su primer contrato discográfico. Su primer gran éxito "Celia ", llega a los primeros lugares en los rankings de popularidad a la semana de haber salido al mercado. Le siguen éxitos como "Fanny", "como te extraño mi amor", "Estelita", "Libre solterito y sin nadie", "Santiago querido", "Que tiene la niña", "por un caminito", "solo una vez", y muchos más. Realiza su propio programa de televisión titulado "bajo el signo de Leo", en canal 9 de Argentina. En el año 1966 se casa con Mariett, elegida Miss Mar del Plata ese mismo año. Deciden mudarse a España donde Leo continua grabando y nacen éxitos como "Mary es mi amor", "con los brazos cruzados", "siempre estoy pensando en ella", "como poder saber si te amo", "será posible amor", entre otros. En 1970, debido al gran éxito que estaban teniendo sus composiciones, Leo decide mudarse junto a su familia a la capital Azteca, donde se radicaría por los siguientes 10 años. Es el primer baladista que graba con mariachis y obtiene grandes éxitos. México recibe a Leo Dan con gran afecto y se coloca al top de los rankings con temas como, "te he prometido", "esa pared", "toquen mariachis canten", "mi ultima serenata", "el radio esta tocando tu canción", "pareces una nena", "yo se que no es feliz", "con nadie me compares", "Mary es mi amor", etc. En 1980 decide volver a su querida Argentina donde incursiona en el terreno de la política. Es candidato a la gobernación de Santiago del Estero, su provincia natal. Pero no abandona la música y compone éxitos como, "más que un loco", "pídeme la luna", "aquella noche de verano", "ojos azules", entre otros más. En la actualidad Leo ha compuesto más de 2000 canciones. Sus temas han sido grabados en diferentes géneros como romántico, folklore, tropical, cumbia, banda, tango, ballenato y rancheras, etc. también sus composiciones han sido traducidas al italiano, portugués, alemán, francés, ingles, y japonés. Renombrados artistas han interpretado sus temas como por ejemplo, Leonardo Favio, Palito Ortega, Marisela, Ramón Ayala, Ramón Ayala Jr. , José José, Ornella Vanoni, Grupo Garibaldi, Marco Antonio Muñiz, Pedro Fernández, los Carlos, María Marta Serralima, la Sonora Dinamita, Olga Guillot, Wilfrido Vargas, Toño Rosario, Los Mirlos, Los Diners, Los Tobas, Alex Bueno, los Manzeros Santiagueños, Lorenzo Montecarlo, Julio Preciado, Café Tacuba, y muchos otros. Lleva vendidas más de 40 millones de copias en todo el mundo. Ha realizado 4 películas "Santiago querido", "Como te extraño mi amor", "la novela de un joven pobre", y "la muchachada de abordo". Escribió un libro titulado "un pequeño grito de fe", donde refleja sus pensamientos sobre la vida. Ha sido ganador de muchísimos premios a lo largo de su extensa carrera artística, entre tantos podemos destacar varios premios Ascap, discos de oro, y ganador de un Grammy como mejor compositor. Casado hace mas de 35 años y con 4 hijos, leo dan es considerado uno de los cantautores más destacados de habla hispana en las últimas 4 décadas, recientemente ha desafiado su labor como productor y director artístico de Mariana, una de sus hijas, en un álbum titulado "Mariana, lo sé", bajo el sello de Universal Music. También en este disco refleja algunas de sus nuevas composiciones. En la actualidad reside en Miami junto a su hermosa familia, desde donde continua grabando , componiendo y presentándose por toda latino América, Estados Unidos, Australia, Europa, y Canadá.



Morrissey: In recent years, indie music around the world has experienced a huge boon and reached a much broader audience. While mainstream indie groups are becoming more and more innovative, they are simply building on the musical and cultural legacy build by Morrissey. His tour dates have attracted sold-out audiences around the world, and continue to do so to this day. During his time with The Smiths and in his own solo career, Morrissey has written and performed dozens and dozens of hit songs. Some of these songs can be found on his most recent Very Best of Morrissey album and on the handful of remaining tour dates in 2011.

Steven Patrick Morrissey was born in Davyhulme, Urmston, Lancashire, England just a year after his parents emigrated from Ireland. He was often a withdrawn child and took solace in pop music and its stars, writing NME (who he would later be interviewed by) and becoming the president of the New York Dolls and The Cramps UK fan clubs. Morrissey spent his later teen years playing in punk bands and publishing two books (one about the New York Dolls and the other about James Dean).

In 1982, Morrissey met Johnny Marr and the two began writing songs together. They eventually decided to form a band, bringing on Mike Joyce to play drums and Andy Rourke to play bass. After releasing a few marginally successful singles, The Smiths released their eponymous debut album in 1984 to acclaim from audiences and critics. By the time The Queen Is Dead in 1986, recording and numerous tour dates in the US and the UK began to take its toll, with Marr leaving in 1987 due to exhaustion and creative differences with Morrissey. The Smiths disbanded shortly after the release of Strangeways, Here We Come in 1988, and Morrissey's first solo album, Viva Hate was released six months later.

After years of extensive tour dates and hit singles, Morrissey released the hugely successful album, Vauxhall and I, in 1994. The somber album was inspired by the death of a few friends, including Mick Ronson. Morrissey's career was in a bit of a slump as he entered the new millennium; that all changed with the release of You Are the Quarry. Critics claimed that the album harkened back to his classic solo work, and the single "Irish Blood, English Heart" became popular around the world. He followed up the album with the hit record, Ringleader of the Tormentors, in 2006, which was followed by numerous tour dates and television appearances. Morrissey scored another hit with Years of Refusal, which continued the musician's successful comeback.

While Morrissey has new album to promote this year, he does have a few remaining tour dates in 2011. The concert dates are centered in the UK and include stops in Dunoon, Hawick, Grimsby, and Dunfermline. Morrissey's 2011 tour dates will end on July 1 in Plymouth, so be sure to buy your tickets on Eventful soon!

Mazzy Star: If psychedelic music had a voice in '90s post-punk, Mazzy Star may have been its strongest reincarnation. That doesn't necessarily mean that fans of the Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead will find the band to their liking, however. Mazzy Star much prefered the dark side of psychedelia, as exemplified by the most distended tracks of the Doors and the Velvet Underground. Their fuzzy guitar workouts and plaintive folky compositions are often suffused in a dissociative ennui that is very much of the 1990s, however much their textures may recall the drug-induced states of vintage psychedelia. Although Mazzy Star was nominally a full band, they were basically the core duo of guitarist David Roback and singer Hope Sandoval with backing musicians. Roback boasts a long history in the paisley underground, with the Rain Parade and Opal. He came across Sandoval after hearing a tape she had made as part of a folky duo, Going Home. (The Going Home album that Roback subsequently produced remains unissued.) Sandoval ended up replacing Kendra Smith on Opal's final tours. After Opal dissolved, Roback and Sandoval continued to work together as Mazzy Star, and released their first album for Rough Trade, She Hangs Brightly, in 1990. Rough Trade's U.S. branch went under shortly afterwards, but luckily Mazzy Star were picked up by Capitol, who kept the debut in print and issued their follow-up, 1993's So Tonight That I Might See. There isn't much to differentiate the two albums, though that's not necessarily a criticism. Both share similar strengths and weaknesses: appealingly dreamy and atmospheric arrangements, rambling distorted guitar workouts, and lyrics that mix the haunting and the meaninglessly vague. Tonight That I Might See had been around for about a year before it suddenly got hot, reaching the Top 40, and spinning off a small hit single, "Fade Into You." Even in the wake of this surprise success, Roback and Sandoval remained as enigmatic and aloof as their music, rarely submitting to interviews, and offering mysterious, unhelpful replies when journalists did manage to talk with them.

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